Hi there! I’m Lucia Lee

I’m an East Coast gal with a love for writing, illustration, and animation. I attended NYU majoring in mathematics and minoring in studio art.

To me, creating new worlds and characters with their own stories to tell is one of the most wonderful experiences. Thinking of how characters would interact with their settings and with each other was always something I found absolutely fascinating about storytelling. At the moment I’m writing and illustrating my own short webcomic series called The Blind Man’s Daughter, which I plan to release in 2018.

Some other random facts about me include my love for baking, animals big and small, video games and playing music with my violin, guitar and traditional Korean drum. I also once sliced a watermelon in half with a sword while blindfolded. That was pretty cool.

Online I’m known as MinteaSketch. Feel free to check out all of my social media with the links below.




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