Summer Update: 7/21/2016

Earlier this summer I made a list of goals that I would like to accomplish (here), and with a little over a month of vacation left, I thought I’d see how I was doing.

Following the order of my previous list:

  1. Getting in shape and being healthy: I’ve been doing fairly well with this. I’ve been trying to eat much healthier than before and walking more so that I can not only do some exercise, but also explore the city and catch Pokemon. I do feel better than I did and others are noticing the results. I’m fairly happy with my diet, but I would like to do more exercise instead of just walking a lot.
  2. Portfolio Dev: I’ve been working on some projects with friends and doing some personal work little by little. I’ve also been searching for potential opportunities and workshops and watching more tutorials on YouTube so I can continue to build up my portfolio and improve my skills. I may start trying to teach myself Maya or other 3D programs, and I’ve been considering designing some shirts to upload onto TeePublic so I can make some extra cash.
  3. Post-college plans: I’ve been doing a little research about my options after college. I think I’m pretty set on my decision to at least wait a year or 2 before I start applying to art programs. That way I can work to save up some money and do some more portfolio dev.
  4. Studying: Still haven’t done this yet hehe. I’ll try to find some books online and try to read ahead once the textbook lists have been uploaded.
  5. Friends: I’ve been spending some quality time with my friends, and we’ve shared some pretty fun days and nights out. Soon I’ll have to say my goodbyes to the ones that have graduated, but at least they’ll be back for the holidays.
  6. Mental Health: It’s been a slow process. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting, writing down some of the things I deduced from these ideas. I do feel a bit better than before, but I know I should start searching for professional help.

Some progress has been made, and looking at all these updates I do feel somewhat accomplished. I’m not satisfied with all I’ve done so far, and I hope that I can manage to do more in the next month. I’ve even added a couple of more goals, but these will extend past the summer.

7. Make money: I’d like to go on a solo backpacking trip over winter break for a couple of weeks, which is not going to be cheap. Hopefully I can find a job next semester to help pay for it. I’ve even signed up for some psych experiments and am looking to sell some of my things in order to make a quick buck. I hope that I can start creating paid commissions sometime soon.

8. Finish up my script: I’ve been working on this short series for a little over a year now. I’ve pretty much finalized the concept art, but I’ve been writing and revising the script for months and I’ve been stuck on the same few chapters. I would like to launch this project within the next year, so hopefully I’ll be able to finalize my script soon.

More goals, more things to do, and less time to do them. Hopefully I can accomplish most of these by the time senior year starts. Well, back to work.


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